Dome tower challenge: merging vertices in Blender

To create a dome tower I do the next:

  1. Create a UV Sphere with 16 segments and 8 rings
  2. Dissolve lower half vertices to create a dome
  3. Create a Cylinder with 16 vertices and place it down the dome.
  4. Merge by distance both objects.

Correction: One step more is required!!

  1. Delete the face between the dome and the cylinder

Just one thing to check. Did you leave the internal faces?
By dissolving rather than deleting the bottom of the sphere you will make a flat bottom, plus the cylinder top. There is probably a face left inside. Which is best not to.


You’re right! I didn’t realized that!

I checked and I see that face inside the model:

The way I thought is fine because you can snap the cylinder with the down face in case that you don’t know the exact position to translate. But in that case I must remember deleting that remainded face after the last step with the deleting option.

Thanks a lot! I’ll keep this advice in mind!


Oh you did it right, bar the use of dissolve instead of delete, though in the end had you known to check for that internal face it would not have mattered, the cylinder one would have been there to delete anyway. Its just an easy step to miss and can mess up the rendering looking right.

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