Doing a 2d roguelike space game with semi-realistic physics (KSP meets FTL)

I’m still working on basic systems, although the overall gravitational and orbital logic are already working as expected, I’ll proceed to develop the atmosphere and its mechanics, then I’ll start to work on the visuals a little bit, I intend to go for 3d cartoon-like worlds and 2d for every other entity

I’ll add combat, resources and an item system eventually, it’s one month into development so far.


Looks really cool!

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Thank you :smiley:

Hello peeps, I’ve been working on the visuals a little bit, I’m going for a hybrid of 3d and 2d visuals, I’ll be using the 3d for the procedural planets with a toon shading and the ships and overall space entities will be 2d sprites (I’ll probably add normal maps to make use of lighting though, I haven’t decided on that yet.


  • Added atmosphere mechanics and visuals (there’s air resistance nearby planets with atmosphere now);
  • Added Procedural Nebulae using custom shaders;
  • Added Procedural Starfield using custom shaders;
  • Added Procedural World generation (quite limited now, it only generates earth-like planets);

What do you guys think about the visuals? Feedback is very welcomed.

Now I’ll be working on:

  • Finishing the first iteration of the procedural generation;
  • Developing the core of the Combat System;
  • Developing the core of the Item System;
  • Reworking the UI;

Just finished the proc gen for the Gas Giants:

Hello peeps,

These past three weeks I was working on adding the procedural planet generation to the actual Planetary system generation and also on some UI improvements such as:

  • Tooltips
  • Radial Menus
  • Contextual Interaction Menu
  • Target System

Now I will proceed to work on the Combat and Item system finally!

Looking forward to receiving feedback on this, let me know if someone wants to playtest it so I can send the link to the page and password to access the latest build.

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I love it! Waiting to try it!

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Good to know that you are liking it :smiley:

It only have the navigation and physics, but you can try it if you want, just sent the access through private message.

But if you rather wait until I add more systems to it, I can send you a message when the time comes or just follow this post for updates, the access to the game will be the same as the one I’ve sent to you

Did some smoke particles dissolve shader :smiley:

There is a cool functionality in the particle shaders named Shader Streams, very interesting, we can use all sort of particle information within the shader using it. (this particle system have around 100 particles emitted by second, the dissolve effect does most of the hard work on the visuals).

With a regular unlit shader with plain white quads:

with the dissolve shader:

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Hello everybody,

This last month was a busy one, I was mainly working on the Item system and finally got the base structure finished!

Added Features:

  • Inventory and Equipment Window with fully draggable items and with popup menus;
  • Fully functional and with working physics world representation of the items so the player can pick up;
  • Item pick up mechanic with both a hotkey to pull nearby items and picking up by right-clicking;
  • Dynamic Hotbar that appears case the player has any activable item equipped;
  • Aiming system that works with any item that inherits from the IAimable interface;

Items Categories (The system is fully functional with the ability to create and edit items configurations and create new ones of each type):

  • Primary and Secondary Weapons;
  • Hull - Reduce the amount of damage the player takes;
  • Energy Generator - Slowly generates energy so the player can activate some activable item that he holds;
  • Force Shield (Energy Generator) - Creates a force shield around the player that repels damage and also prevent the player from crashing;
  • Engine - Responsible for the player acceleration, it reduces the amount of fuel as the player uses it;
  • Auxiliary Item - An activable item that gives some sort of strategic advantage to the player in exchange of energy (such as the close range teleporter that lets the player teleport within a certain distance);

Now I’ll proceed to work on planetary and orbital spawners this next two weeks, this system will allow spawning enemies and other entities such as landing pads where the player will be able to buy things, replenish the fuel or repair the hull integrity.

Hello guys, how are you all?

I’ve just finished adding both planetary and orbital procedural spawners, now to add some combat and health systems :smiley:

Added some post-processing, screen shake, health bars, damage system, floating texts, hitlag, chromatic aberration and a new font.

The base for the AI system is already in place, now I’ll work on adding some behaviors and actual shooting mechanics for the enemies (both orbital and land enemies)

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Hello Guys,

These past 10 days I’ve worked on the shooting mechanics for the enemies and on some VFX too (such as the impact and explosions VFX) using shaders:

Now I’ll wrap up some mechanics, improve the enemies, fix a few bugs and start to work on the currency + shop systems.

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Hello everybody.
I’ve wrapped up what I had to and added some art to the enemies (probably it will be changed later on in the project’s cycle since I intend to bring an artist in).

Now I’ll be working on the shopping system and macro game flow, finally!

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Hello peeps, this week I was supposed to work on the macro gameflow, although I added an VFX for the enemy explosion accordingly to the feedback I’ve received, made the planets rotate and also added the ability to land on platforms.