Dog Sculpt - Much cuter in real life

I tried to sculpt my dog. I can assure you that he is much cuter in real life.


It is still an excellent dog model. :grin:

You can always blame the dog for moving while it was supposed to be standing still and being reference!


That is still a cute 3D model of the dog :slight_smile:

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The model and hair are excellent. Great wet nose, good pose, he/she is targetting something.
Maybe lifting one of the front legs, like standing still in a walking pose …
The grass fits nicely into the scene.

Great project.

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At least you got a great result with your fur. I still didn’t get all the skin patches covered. Your dog looks a bit cartoonish which isn’t bad and seems to be alive. Mine looks like it’s a plushie toy.

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Very nice…

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