Does this course ever slow down?

This section on the enemy AI had me laugh. He says he’s going to take it line by line then barrels through the entire code and doesn’t explain what anything does. I’m constantly pausing and rewinding the video just to keep up with putting in the code. I’ve learned nothing. I’ve basically just taken someone elses code and called it done.

Does it ever slow down or get better?


What course are you talking about?

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Oh, well then. I hit the Ask button within the course and it seems it directed me to the general forums on the matter. My mistake.

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Welcome to the community!

Unfortunately that’s how it works sometimes, I’ve noticed the same thing, are you doing the quiz game?

I can give you links to other courses if you want to be more advanced before jumping into the parts that are complex, I know lots of places, such as one taught by unity themselves, just let me know.

Oh no it was just a question, you can ask whatever you want here, related to unity courses.
I just cant see what course you are doing.
If its the RPG course, i have to say my experience was pretty good overall.
I did not do the strategy course yet.

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I’m doing “Unity 2D RPG: Complete Combat System”, which was explained to be a sort of Beginner+ tutorial. I’m not exactly sure where Beginner ends and Beginner+ begins but I’d imagine it’s when you’re not having to ask how to add components and handle basic movement and collisions, but then I’m not entirely sure.

The section I was on was going through creating a state machine for enemies. I’m familiar with the concept, I come from Game Maker which was way more hand-holdy but some general practices still apply, but the making of the state machine and some AI was blitzed through and I’ve no idea what any of it means. I could ask, I could look this info up, but I was worried about the tutorial in general if this is my experience so early into it.


Oh I see

Yeah sorry, I don’t mean to barge into here and complain. Really was curious if the tutorial slowed down later and maybe this is still the “you should know this” part, but I accidentally posted in the general Ask forum.


Maybe someone who did the course can give you some more in depth answer;

I cant say anything related to the 2d RPG course, i have not checked it out.
I did the 4 part 3D RPG course, and before that i did the 2D and 3D beginner courses.

I can definetly recommend doing for example the 2D course,
if you get back to the course you are doing now after that,
you might unstand things a little better programming-wise.

I started out with zero programming knowledge, did the 2D course and the 3D course after,
then i started with part 1 of the 3D rpg course, and worked my way through the 4 parts.
It felt very well balanced, fast at times, but well explained still.
I never had the feeling of “having learned nothing”

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May very well be my issue. I understand a few things about Unity, but clearly I’m not a “Beginner+” yet. Good advice. Thank you.


I got the exact same issue. There was no explanation of the code. Just a person writing code and you just have to replicate.

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Yup, I feel you, your best bet is to go to Tilevania, which is probably easier than the quiz master, and it’s taught by Rick who was the teacher of snowboarder and delivery driver.

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