Does the Godot mobile course cover ads?

As the title says, does the Godot mobile course cover integrating ads, like in situations where the player can view ads to retry instead of restarting?

Hi Voxelette,

As its a beginner mobile course the main focus was in app purchasing so ads are not actually covered in this course.
Ad’s and its API is a more advanced topic so if we make a more advance mobile course its possible that it would be added there.

Thanks for the question

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Just a suggestion: It’d be ideal if it were added to this course rather than a separate one, as that’s all that’s left mobile-specific. The core thing that’ll be useful for a mobile godot course is:

:heavy_check_mark: Inputs

:heavy_check_mark: In-app Purchases

:heavy_multiplication_x: API
:wavy_dash::wavy_dash: Google Play Games login, cloud saves, Ads etc.

The rest is pretty much transferable between PC and mobile dev skill-wise.

Same course would be ideal, but if you guys create a separate course, I hope you add more value to it to justify it being a separate course.

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