Does PS4 Controller Work In Unreal?

Hi a quick question. I’m setting up controller input in the Space Shooter game and when i test it I’m not getting any movement.

I’m using a PS4 controller so i was wondering if these controllers are supported in unreal or do I have to use an xbox controller to see results?

Not out of the box. You need to enable the RawInput plugin which you can do so through Edit > Plugins

I think that this controller should work for everything.

Kind of depends what you mean by that :slight_smile:

UE4 games definitely can work with the controller.

But, for example from what I know Windows doesn’t support the touch pad natively. Linux you can use the touch pad natively (it comes with the Linux kernel) to control the desktop mouse which is neat. But yes, believe a 3rd party application can get it working on Windows.

There appears to be a plugin in 4.26



That’s quite cool :slight_smile:

Better late than never lol.

Nice to have, but for me, it is not working.

I plugend in my PS4 DualShock Controler (tried with both Generations) and then activated the new Plugin and restarted the Engine (as promted).

After this, UE4 still doesnt recognise my controller via GamePadThumstick X/Y.

So in 4.26, there is this new cool “get key” function on the Input-Setup:
Input Setup

While hitting the button on the left to the dropdown, UE4 waits for a key to press. So I pressed all buttons and axis on the ps4 controller(s).

Still nothing.

This Plugin seems so new, that I did not find any reference in google or the documentation.

I hope, someone can help! Thanks!

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