Does Camera offset still happen in 4.26?

I’m currently working in 4.26.2 with Oculus Quest 1 and I don’t think that offset issue is happening. Not sure if this is the UE version or because of Quest. When I don’t have any Offset applied using AddWorldOffset, it’s aligned perfectly. However, when I do apply the Offset like in the lecture, it misaligns it little bit.

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I do recall having issues with vertical offset and it was related to a setting and I was using a WMR headset - where are different quirks for different devices. It was also different on different versions.

It is possible that there have been improvements over the versions in the course. I forget which version i used, 4.24 I think, but remember encountering issues/differences.

If not having the offset works, then go with that. There will be small differences with different versions anyway.

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