Does Blender has an autosave for not finished render image?

Hi, friends, my problem is simple. I rendered my 4k ultra image with 8000 samples with too many subdivision, etc…
So, what happened? After 5 hours od rendering I went to sleep. The render had 15 hours.
When I woke up and came to see the result, the Pc was without work and Blender was turned off.
So, I think, I know what happened, but my question is:
A) does exist autosave in Cycles render? What I mean? If you turn on render, and for example like in my case, the render fall down, Can i use my autosave (which is hmmm, around each 5 minutes) and load Up with .blend file where is saved, maybe in log file, or somewhere, the process of render progress?
And when I open it and hit the render again the Cycles render will continue the render?
In animation for this reason we are using more Pc how Mike told in lection. But what Can you do with one single image?

Thank you.

Hi Filip,

It depends on what state the blend file was in when the crash occured.
If you saved or have an autosave before the rendering started then it will be from that point.
The rendering however if you used the images option rather than a video the number of images are the number of frames.

Check the output folder for the images that are rendered and then change the rendering options to only render from that frame to the end. This way it will render the rest of the frames and not need to re-render what it has already done.

If there are no images in the output folder (normally tmp if you didnt change it), then you may have to restart the render.

Hope this helps

This will be helpfull when I rendered animation. But I need a autosave in one image. :slight_smile:

Oh i apologise, I misunderstood the question i think.
Unlike being able to render an animation in single images in case of a crash unfortunately there is no recovery for a partly rendered single image. Sadly that has to be re-render from scratch.

It may be that you will have to turn down the quality slightly of the render to prevent crashes.

If you are happy with sending me the blend file (By private message if you would like), I can take a look and see if i can render it at my end. (It may be that you have just as fast a pc as mine or better so it might not help). Make sure to include the materials used.

Hope this helps

Thank you, but in my pc it was 15 hours (Intel i9, Nvidia RTX 2080), so, You do not have to waste your time, but really thank you :)))
I know two limits.
One is in registry for my Graphic Driver and second, maybe, it is that I have only 16 Gb RAM.

But if someone knows about autosave in blender cycles render image I will be happy :smiley:

P.S. If you want to try it, I will send it to you, but Im not sure If I know to export it all in one .blend file :wink:

I can certainly give it a go as i can at least at it in view of seeing if we can lower some settings to achieve a render at least.
I’m a slower card and cpu Ryzen 5 hexacore and a 1060 6gb but if i can get it to render to a decent level here then i we at least have a baseline for you.

If its easier just zip up the entire folder and send that instead that way everything is already there. If you have to move images you used then remember to relink them in blender and save the blend file too.

I suspect there is some optimisation we can do here :slight_smile:

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