Does anything special need to be done for 3d printed models?

The course i’m taking is regarding character creation for video games and has me focus on things like retopo. But what if (for the time being) I sold my models for 3d printing and if so, what kind of special steps would I need to take while sculpting to make sure there weren’t any issues when printing?

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High detail, not low poly is required.
Models must be manifold. No holes.
Blender default scale will be massive, so that will need fixing from the start or at the end.
Blender has a built in add on that helps Preparing models for printing.
3D Print Toolbox


Default Blender uses 1 meter as a standard unit.
3D print tools (Cura) use millimeters.

Change properties Scene tab > Units > set unit scale to 0.001
Export to .stl → Use this 3D print add-on for Blender, see preferences add-on as NP5 already mentioned.

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Thank you both.h This is very helpful.

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