Does anyone know how to compile unreal engine cpp file outside unreal engine?

So I got this crash on my project and I found that the problem is in my code, my problem now is how to compile code without entering unreal engine, anyone know how to do that ?

I can see you are using VS Code,
On VS Code you simply have to hit YourProjectName Editor Development Build in VS Code.

It should be accessible from Build target - Ctrl + Shift + B

Make sure you build YourProjectName Editor Development Build only.

So right after I press Ctrl + Shift + B, I need to type BuildingEscape Editor Development ?

You just need to search for it and then select the right one e.g.

In my vscode there is nothing when I type in the search box.

It succeed, My project is fixed. Thank you for all your help, you two are a lifesaver.

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