Does anyone have any experience with Jet Brains Re-Sharper?


Does anyone have any experience with Jet Brains Re-Sharper?

I have read that it now has a lot better support for Unity but I was wondering if it would be of benefit for a relative beginner.


Had this installed at work for a while I think…

ReSharper Visual Studio Extension

From what I remember (I have been on long term sick leave so please forgive my foggy-ness) it was pretty good as a development tool. I believe it dropped little code snippets in for you and stuff from memory as well as identifying various code issues.

All I would say regarding your point about benefit for a relative beginner is that whilst it could well be, it may also cover up things that you would have learnt to spot/resolve yourself if you didn’t use it. That said, no harm in giving it a whirl.

You might not be able to just use the standard Visual Studio extension though, as a quick Google Search resulted in this


That said, I just also spotted this on their own website…

…and it looks like it has been updated recently, which is always a promising sign.


Thank you Rob for your answer.

The only thing I was worried about was interfering with my learning process. I did install it for 10 minutes or so but have been out most of the day. I think I will remove it for the time being and stick with vanilla VS. With quite a few more months under my belt I’ll re-visit it again. At the moment I won’t really know, see, understand what real world benefit it is giving me and as you say I need to be seeing and understanding the nuts and bolts and how to build the code myself.

Thanks again.


Hey Paul,

No worries… I do remember it was useful, I am pretty sure we ended up buying something in the end, with licenses for the team but I can’t remember 100% whether it was this or something similar. I’m a huge fan of housekeeping within code, so for me it was great to see when you opened a project (someone else’s!) all of the unused variables and so on… was handy for tidying it all up :slight_smile:

If you go back to it let me know, I may well have to install it at home too, could look through it together, has been well over a year or more for me, and I have no familiarity of it with regards to supporting Unity.