Does Animation Asset effect setFocusPoint Behaviour


If i used setFocusPoint in the AI and everything, BB etc are configured correctly, then would the animation asset (BlendSpace) not having a move backward result in the AICharacter not looking in the Focus Point direction, which is behind the AI Character.

In the game that i am making following along with the tutorial:
AICharacters: 2
Char 1: UE Animation Starter pack, with move backwards animation.
Char 2: Another Third person character based on TP_ThirdPersonCharacter.h, without any move backwards animation, or BlendAnim using a backwards motion, in the selected animation asset

Char1: Looks at the first person character position while backing away to the next waypoint
Char2: Keeps moving to the waypoint (which is away and in the forward direction from FP Character) and keeps looking in the direction of the waypoint…


Almost as i’ve finished posting this, and i am thinking, there is no BlendSpace and no backward direction variable to control that movement, which is probably why

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