Dodge Viper SRT-10 coupe


That’s really great. I’m curious, how much poly with all the modifiers enabled?

Like i’m modeling a Mustang and it’s over 500k already… Didn’t finish yet lol

~450k polygons and 840k tris

Nice. I’m more curious as to how many polygons it is without the modifiers :sunglasses:

170k and 380k tris

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The materials look really cool. I really like the low-poly shell. Probably most of your polygons are in the wheels? Almost a game-ready asset right there.
Love it.

Man… Those people at EA did magic back in 2011…

Still don’t get it how maybe there are baked normals but don’t really know

Well, I, too, have become much more attentive to the resources of the PC, compared to the previous work - chevrolet camaro. It had 2.5 million polygons. And he looked like that. A lot of polygons go to the wheels and those parts that are better to texture, rather than simulate, but for this, apparently, you need to study the substance painter or something like that.
If everyone at once knew how to do as cool as that modeler, then there would be no interest in learning.

Sorry for my English, i’m from Russia.

Oh I remember this Camaro :smile:
Didn’t remember it was you too.

Yeah if you look the article they say their cars including the driver and the tires have 25k tris and I was like “wuuut?!!”
They use normals for the emblems and the tires details, but nothing is said about the car itself… If i understood right.

Think I’ll make a post with my Mustang when I finish it :smile:

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