Do you cover controller movement?

I’m glad you created a course on 2d gamemaker! i was waiting for this a long time and its quickly becoming my preferred engine since ditching Unity a while back.

I see in one of the videos character movement is covered. this is with the keyboard, which is great and all, but is there a lesson that covers controller movement or even better detecting and using both controller movement and keyboard/mouse?


Hi D_C,

I believe this is out of scope of the course and so was not included in the course.
It should be a matter however of setting up the correct application of the movement in the step function that we do right at the start of the course but as i have not done it i couldnt say what they were.
You also might have to look into how to set up how far the joystick has been pushed if using those over the direction pad.
I imagine switching between them would just be a simple if statement with an or to say if this button is pressed or this is pressed then move the character.

Hopefully this gives you a thread to pull on to set this up

Thanks for the help! i’ll do some more research on it. good to know it’s not in scope though.

Thanks again!

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