Do we actually need Unity 4?

I only downloaded Unity 5, but the FAQ says that we will need Unity 4. Will I have a hard time if I don’t want to download both versions of the program, or should I be fine?


Though I’m pretty sure It might be Unity 4 and up…

bump… as I’m not positive and will be starting the course myself soon.

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I started the course from the beginning with Unity 5.3. And I was able to complete the lessons. When things are different you will find that on the Udemy QA part of the lesson the solution is already given by fellow students who encountered the same issues :slight_smile:



@Mike is right, but it is very easy to have two versions of Unity on one machine. Your just need to rename the folder and or install the new version of Unity into a different directory. Easy!



As previously stated you can have two installs of unity just change the install folder.

That said however you CAN use any unity version to follow the tutorial but be prepared for things not to work as in the tutorial.
Updates happen and things like Load.Level get depreciated and get replaced by a new SceneManager.LoadScene instead.
I have posted along the way on the unity course either on the Q&A on udemy, against the lecture here or in reply to someone.
If you get stuck you can search for the issue on the forums or ask, I think thats the only real change in unity i know of but there may be others as i have been working with unreal for the last 2-3 months.


Just to add to that, I think this is easier on a PC rather than a Mac from what I have read, I only have a PC so can’t really comment, but I believe that with the Mac install you are not prompted for an install location - so if you have a previous version installed, also in the original default install location, the newer version will overwrite it/some of it, others have mentioned problems with this. Again, not speaking from experience… but if anyone has a Mac and can confirm/deny that would be useful I believe :slight_smile:

Yes , you would need to download Unity 4.6 and up. We will be working on Unity 5 later in the course so you might need to download Unity 5 but not to begin the course with.

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@Rob mentioned that it might be easier to have two versions on a PC rather than on a Mac. That might be true. I’m not sure how easy or complicate it might be on a PC because right now I only have a Mac. However, it’s not really very complicate on a Mac. At the moment I have installed 3 Unity versions: 5.4.2f2-GVR13, 5.5.0 and 5.6.0b3. No problem. When installing a Unity version it will always be installed in a folder called “unity”. So If you want to keep the version which right now is living in this folder - then you’d have to rename the folder before installing the new version. That’s all. Hope that helps.

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Thanks @Rodo that’s really useful.

I think the option that the PC installation has for selecting a directory isn’t available on the Mac which is why it can cause problems as you can over write a more recent version of Unity with an older one. With the PC it does at least give you the option to select a location.

That said the best practice I believe would be the same in both cases PC or Mac as it makes the user think about it before doing it :slight_smile:

Thanks again, handy to have info for both :slight_smile:

Unity 4 is used by the tutor for the first part of the course.
Later on Unity 5 is used by the tutor as the course was updated, keeping the first part of the course.

There will be differences which will make it more difficult to follow along.
The intro video explains this better.


I am marking this topic as solved due to it’s age and no response from the original poster to suggest there are ongoing difficulties.

Thanks to all for your replies and help.

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Hi irresistiblejelly. I’m just starting the ‘Learn to Code by Making Games – The Complete Unity Developer’ course which starts of using 4 and then progresses to 5 ! I already have 5.4 installed, would you recommend I do a side by side install of 4 or is 5.4 backwards compatible enough to make little difference ? When you say any version, do you mean versions before 4 and will it be more than just the Load.Level changes you mentioned that will affect going through the tutorials ? Also any idea where I can dload version 4 from ? Thx :slight_smile:

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If you are completely new to coding and not yet ready to branch out and google issues then i recommend installing Any version of 4.6 (Change installation folder to unity4.6) or above and have a unity 5 installation as well.
If i remember rightly most of the changes appeared in Unity 5 so you shouldnt get any issues with load.level until you use unity 5.
You download unity 4.6 from the same unityy page just at the top above the unity 5 versions there are tabs to click to change to previous versions.

Just click Unity 4.X versions on that page.

If i remember offhand though load.level change was the only change but i think there may have been another but i cant remember at this point what it was or if it was in my own project.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Marc_Carlyon :grinning:


Just to add to this, if you use Unity 5.5 there are some changes to the ParticleSystem also, so you may get an issue with the SmokePuff but this issue is covered here.


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