Do the folder hierarchy alignment, renaming within the Unity Editor to be safe

Microsoft Windows 11 x64 Version 22H2 (OS Build 22621.1778)
Unity 2022.3.0f1

Lately, I discovered there is missing scripts errors in importing custom package or published package.

If moved or renamed folder(s) via the Windows explorer, the exported package when importing into new project, there will be missing scripts error.

Therefore, try to do the folder access within the Unity Editor, this had been reported HERE.

I have a folder named \Scripts, after renamed to “\Runtime” then renamed back to “\Scripts” and exported a custom package then imported into new project, there is no missing scripts error and scripts attached to prefabs store objects are intact.

Sometime, I understand courses are for education, it will be good that instructors emphasize a bit on commercial publishing stage that relevant to the development phase because, eventually you have to publish products to establish yourself with income.

Hopes, this help.

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