Do 'constexpr' and 'string' HAVE to be above their relative inputs?

I know that it is easier to tidy and organise the code with if ‘constexpr’ and ‘string’ are used above their relative code, but do they necessarily have to be above them for the system to recognise what their relative inputs are?

I tried it by moving them around my code and it didn’t work as it didn’t seem to recognise ‘Guess’ and ‘WORD_LENGTH’ anymore, so I assume it doesn’t work. (Which also tells me that the code works by reading from top to bottom)

I want to know, is it possible to work with the identifiers below the related input? If that’s the case I’d like to know how. Might come in handy one day.

It seems like this is sort of answered in Lecture 20, along with a start to organising and tidying the code.

In short, yes, they have to be above, in order to define the terms used below them in a function.

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