DnD inventory slot prototypes

Aaaaand here we go again. I worked and tried 2 days with this challenge and the previous one, used a lot of select-unselect-invert, layers, fill, but ended to manually set pixels.

  1. Weapon slot:Segnaposto_1
  2. Potion slot: Segnaposto_2
  3. Shield slot (meh): Segnaposto_3
  4. Arrows (ammos): Segnaposto_4

I definitely found more hard to define large figures like shields than thin ones.


Phenomenal prototypes!

Dude, That arrow slot is gorgeous!

Wow, what beautiful icons you made. I wonder in what program did you do it? And if it’s not difficult for you, you can throw off a guide or a video on how to do such things. I just want to start developing my DND game now, and I need these skills. I promised my friends that I would make them the best DND game they ever played. So I have a lot of ideas that I have to implement. By the way, I searched for a long time for a detailed description of each class and recently and only recently came across this site dndguide.net. So if it’s not difficult for you to write to me, please. But the icons just look like a masterpiece!

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