Dissolving Geometry challenge

Hi all!

In this challenge we were asked to take our beveled chess piece base and dissolve geometry (specifically horizontal edges) to make it low poly.

I really did not like losing all of the detail that we had added in a previous challenge - Mike’s 6 horizontal edge loops make the piece a bit too sharp for me. So I tried to dissolve as much as I could (horizontal edges only for this challenge) whilst sticking to the original shape. Here’s what I came up with:

Before (610 faces):

First attempt at low poly (193 faces):

What I ended up with (289 faces):

I think I’ll go with the third mesh, as it retains some of the detail that I want in the piece without going too high poly.

I also tried the decimate modifier but couldn’t find a result that I liked - good to know it’s there though.


You can easly remove some faces by dissolving some of the Vertical edges, if thats is what you are going for.

I can see your original cilinder had 32 vertical edges in the circumference and I think you can go as low as 8 and still have something decent, or 16 if you want it a little more round. You can easly acheive that by selecting every other vertical edge, until you’ve gone through the entire piece, and than dissolve those.

Here, my pieces have only 16 vertical edges and still looks perfectly round:


Thank you Ricardo :slight_smile: However, as I said, this challenge was to specifically dissolve horizontal edges - vertical edges are covered next time. Great to see your work though. :slight_smile:

Oh! I see! Yeah, I dont think there is much more to be done in the way of reducing horizontal lines without losing some of the shape.

Looking foward to see more of your work too!

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