Discussions Links in RPG Inventory System course on Udemy are currently broken

Not sure where to report this - the “Resources” > “This Lecture’s Discussions” links on the Udemy pages for RPG Inventory System videos 16-25 and possibly beyond are broken and take you to a page that says " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.".

Feel free to delete this once resolved.

They appear to be working (at least on my computer). It might have been a temporary glitch. Are they working for you now?

Thanks for checking - however I’m sad to say that they are not working for me now. I have also tried from a second computer, at a different location, in case it was some kind of Internet firewall/ISP issue.

For example, this video: https://www.udemy.com/course/unityinventory/learn/lecture/17957708#overview has a link in the Resources to https://community.gamedev.tv/tag/1_IB_INV but that page reports “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”. The same for videos 18-25 which go to URLs like https://community.gamedev.tv/tag/2_IB_INV and https://community.gamedev.tv/tag/3_IB_INV. None of those are visible to me.

Is it possible the permissions on those pages make them visible only to staff such as yourself, but not to students like me?

EDIT: I should mention that video 26, in the next section, has a link to https://community.gamedev.tv/tag/1_SL_INV and that page works fine.

My apologies, I was tired when I responded, and had dutifully checked the links on the GameDev version of the course, not the Udemy one. I was able to confirm that the xx_IB_INV links are broken on the Udemy site, and I’ve alerted our Production Assistants of the issue.

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No problem - looks like there’s not much said on those lectures anyway! I had an idea to write something during one of them but, alas, the moment has passed. Hopefully it’ll get sorted and maybe someone else will find it helpful to write something one day :slight_smile: Thanks for digging into it.