Discovering Godot C# : Godot 4 doesn't have Cell Size

I started this course this morning and have already run into an issue. I’m using Godot 4 as I’d heard that the C# compatibility was better in 4 than 3. Unfortunately I’ve already run into a significant change in the versions.

The instructor is using 3.2 and when working on the Tilemaps section he is using an option called Cell Size. Cell Size doesn’t seem to exist as an option in 4. I have tried using Tile Size, which seems to work decently for the Stars, but doesn’t work at all for the Ground.

Once I encountered the problem I went and downloaded version 3.2 but for some reason VS Code doesn’t seem to work with 3.2 despite working fine with version 4.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can handle this discrepancy?

It’s worth noting that Godot4 syntax (in both C# and GDScript) is similar, but still significantly different than Godot3 syntax - there will be many more such issues to come unfortunately. The Godot docs has a page specifically dedicated to upgrading projects from Godot3.x to Godot4.x, which references an automated migration tool as well as a manual upgrade checklist (could be a fun course extension once you finish the lectures):

I’ve only worked with Godot4 so I don’t know about the implications between the Editor and any external IDE’s you may be working with, but in theory, you should be able to use any IDE you want. If you find something useful, it would be great if you could post that so others have a hand up when trying this course (ahem… hi!).

Specific to the Cell Size issue, I did find this post, and it looks like at least one of the several solutions on offer should be able to help you if you decide to continue converting to Godot4 as you go:

I didn’t quite understand what was being said in the reddit article. I did however, figure out the issue with VS Code and Godot 3.2. It was a combination of an installation error and user error.

The installation error comes from the VS_Build installation. The most recent version doesn’t display the correct .Net 4.7 targeting / SDK pack when selection .NET Build Tools. I had to go to the Individual Components tab and manually select the 4.7 items.

I installed everything from 4.7 because I wasn’t 100% sure which specific one was needed.

After that I just had to fix some sloppy code. I didn’t capitalize GD before the Print command and I didn’t put a semicolon at the end. Complete noob mistake. It’s super embarrassing considering I’ve been learning C# for over a year at this point haha.

I hope this helps anyone else who runs into this problem!

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