[Discourse] Polls with HTML / Markdown

I popped a couple of polls up earlier today and wasn’t entirely certain if they could support the use of HTML or Markdown, I gave it a whirl and the preview of the post suggested that I could - awesome.

Once I had posted the topic, the HTML and Markdown was rendered as plain text.

I have raised this with the Discourse team and it looks like it is supposed to be supported and that a fix will be applied shortly. Details here.

@Ben, @sampattuzzi, @Michael_Bridges, @Lucy_Becker - it would give you the opportunity to layout poll options with both more detail (if required) or just more aesthetically pleasing, along with adding hyperlinks.


Screenshot of poll;

taken from;


Great bug reporting, Rob!

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No worries… Clinging to some form of purpose :slight_smile:

The fix is done and should be rolled out later today btw, so I will close this now.

Updated Wed Jul 26 2017 22:38

Tested and working as expected now :slight_smile:

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