"Dirigible Romance"

Project “Dirible Romance” 1-Page GDD
High Flying Steampunk Romance a la E.R.Burroughs

Genre: Action RPG
Target Audience: Teen or Mature
Controls: gamepad, mouse + keyboard
Thematic Setting: Alternate Universe Victorian England Steampunk
Tech Stack: Unity 5.3, Krita, Blender, Visual Studio
Platform(s): PC
Game Moment: Desperate close quarter battle on the deck of a Dirigible

Game Summary: A clever romance set on a backdrop of swashbuckling violence and sarcastic humor.

Core Player Experience: Tense, Romantic, Againt all odd fighting
Central Theme: Star crossed lovers continually being seprated by circumstance
Design Pillar: having the goal continually snatched from the hero/ine’s hands by their archenemy’s machinations.
Anticipated Remarkability: Dark romance and intense combat

Anticipated Steam Early Access Launch date: Q1 2018

Feature Development Priorities:
Combat system capable of utilizing strategic melee maneuvers and ranged cover.
A variety of enemies and strange beasts
A detailed dialog system where goals can be completed through clever insults
A society ranking system where players gain repsect.
RPG traits and character improvement over time and experience
Story arc
Level building
Inventory and loot

Comparative Products: Torchlight 2, Darkest Dungeon

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