Dinosaur Lesson

This lesson was a lot of fun! I definitely learned a lot. My goal is to follow along with the lesson points as close as possible and recreate these later when I have a better understanding of things.


Yes, this is a good thing!

Because you will learn things that could make it easier to do this challenge.
And probably also new features, to do it completely differently.
If you go on your own path, which is also good, it can lead to problems and frustration.
“How do I fix this”, “I can not …”

Do a lot of tiny sub-projects. Like adding a new type of dinosaur … with the knowledge you have. Repetition is the key here. Learning the mouse, the hotkeys, and Blender tools.

Show your work regularly and save often using a version number.
There is no need to think, I want to do this cleanly as possible, for reuse later projects.
Because with each new Blender knowledge, you see less use for older projects.

Just have fun and enjoy the course.

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My first thought when I saw your render was that you just did a screen capture of the course image and posted it as yours. I mean that as a complement that you followed the course quite closely. I do the same then and then go through the course a second time and expand on what is done.


Thank you so much! It means a lot. I find myself seeing the world as shapes and objects now that I’m working my way through this course.

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