Dinosaur: Assignment 3

Dinosaur assignment 3. How do i decrease noise on EEVE? The picture quality looks bad. @Grant_Abbitt


Nice :slight_smile:

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Not sure what you are asking. Cycles can produce pixels noise.
EEVEE shouldn’t. Can you give an example what you mean?

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In my screen, its very bad quality. there is a bit of noise on outer sections of red dinosaur. The picture quality isn’t great when i see it here than on my file.

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Noise and artifacts can be introduced by image file compression. Especially when using the .JPG format. JPG will compress the image file, by deleting color information in pixels and introducing noise. Especially then having images with large areas of some range the same color.

You can spot this effect in JPG photos of landscapes. When the ground is noisy by itself, the blue sky can have notice blocky elements.

Use .PNG instead. Which also compress image information, but without color loss.

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