Dino Render

here she is, my dino. her name is Susan. she is not long for this world, evidently.

The motion blur on the meteor was done in Photoshop after the fact, so kind of cheating there. I’m sure I could have done it with animation keyframes but I couldn’t get that working how I wanted, and couldn’t be bothered. maybe in the future


Oh no the end of the world for Susan. It looks great. Love the added details.

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It’s not cheeting!
As an artist or designer, you use the tools at hand to do the job. The final illustration.

In Blender, you have the following options:

  • Use camera focus
  • Use the compositor, which has the same main functionality as an image editor.
  • And yes using a frame from a short animation for motion blur.

You will learn, and have fun!


Sad but cool #LifeOnOurPlanetNetflix)

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What a funny idea!

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