Digital vs Pencil

The drawing techniques and howtos are the basic ideas behind this course!
But there is a huge gap between working with pen and paper versus a digital canvas.

While my pencil has a certain stroke size, which varies by time. The point wears out and I have to sharpen it in time. The digital environment allows the artist to zoom in and create a very thin line to shades shadows.
There is a big difference in stroke thickness to mimic shading as in shadows. Thin lines, soft shadows, thick lines, harsh shadows. But with a pencil difficult to do. While digital zoom creates very thin lines and thus better visual aspects. Like fading into the background.

I was interested in this course because it was based on pen and paper principals. No digital, no knowledge of any software program (Photoshop, Krita, Gimp). I understand the reason for the tutor to use a digital medium to make the tutorial. But I think there is a big difference in the outcome of paper vs digital!

Also hand-drawing aspects like

  • (always?) Sharpen your pencils
  • Use a clean eraser
  • Hard vs. soft eraser types
  • What to do about smudging accidentally with your hands.
  • Paper types
  • Using ink as a medium

Are totally no issues when using a digital canvas. So while the Kickstarter offering was all about no digital knowledge needed. But a lot of digital ‘handy’ features like layers, moving objects are part of the artist’s toolbox. What I miss because I work on paper. It’s like a kid in front of a candy store. You can look at it, you can imagine it. But you can’t have it.

This is a thing to think about, how you promote this new course.


I use digital when I am studying in this course. I learned some basic technic about digital painting before, so that is fine for me about the course. And for me , I barely unknown about the pencil painting ,maybe It is possible that when I switch to traditional way after taking this class in digital, I can realize some improve in traditional.