Diffuse not working properly

For some reason what comes out of my cavity maps is this

And so the orc body comes out like this

I use the following settings for the bake:

And the color looks setup correctly:

I tried baking with both GPU and CPU, there is no difference, I also tried margin type of extend rather than adjacent faces. Is there something extra that needs to be done in blender 3.6?

PS: For some reason the lecture tag is not working, so here is a link to the lecture: Baking the orcs body - cavity | GameDev.tv

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Use Extrusion. Next to the Ray distance in the panel.
You can probably set Ray Distance to zero.
Play with these numbers until it works.
There are several older questions of the same type answered here already, always worth a check for the same issue already answered for a quicker solution!


You’re a savior! This worked very nicely. Had to do it for the normal map too. Only the nose is a bit weird, but I think that has to do with the way the automatic retopology worked. I tried looking for solutions on the forum, but it is hard to find, since the tags don’t work. I only found the solution with a cage with I think it might have worked, but then I only did it for the cavities and not for the normal.


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