Difficulties with learning c#

Hi everyone!

So I’m doing section 3: text 101 at the moment and I just “completed” Creating an Array. I had like zero idea what to do with the challenge at the end, there was no way I could’ve completed it just on my own. I had to check the answer from the video.

I understand some basic consepts but I don’t seem to understand enough to complete these challenges anymore in the end of the videos and after watching videos again for a few times I would be able to complete the challenges just because I remember what to do, not because I know what I’m doing. Sure it makes it extra difficulty when english is not my first language but it could be worse.

So my questions would be is it ok to continue with the videos or should I watch the older ones as long as I get the ideas. If I continue will I get totally lost with everything if there’s some stuff I’ve not understood completely? Not sure it helps if I watch the videos over and over again because there’s just some stuff that goes over my head. Will it get easier if I just continue and make myself go through the lectures? Even if it’s hard I still enjoy it though.

I think you should get some help with topics you are havibg trouble with. There’s lots of people lpen to helping you but you have to ask very specific questions. You can get faster results on the Udemy Q&A or the Discord chat.

In addition, I would suggest taking a look at some of the “beginner scripting” tutorial videos on Unity’s website. They have a series of 2-5 minute videos that each explain one basic concept. There are a lot of them. I suggest going through them sequentially, watching a few between each section of the Udemy sections. It’s like having a lecture and workshop; the two compliment each other very well

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I’ll also add that, at this point, you should be a little confused and very uncomfortable. Especially regarding how things work and why. What you should be working on is getting familiar with the language. You shouldn’t be thinking about how things fit together yet, but you should feel less and less like the instructor is saying gibberish.

Your focus right now is on absorbing the materials and concepts, but it won’t make sense until later. For now, you should be getting more comfortable with the basics of the language - what a method is, what a component is, how the transform works, stuff like that.

It’s impossible to really grasp what’s going on until you have the foundations in place, and that’s goibg to take time. My “aha!” moment came in the middle of Brick Breaker. (What is that, section five?!) That was when I grasped how objects and compinents and parameters all work and communicate with each orher and ever=thing fell into place after that. And a large part in undetstanding all of that was thanks to the help of the student instructor in the udemy Q&A.

So being uncomfortable is okay - in fact it’s kind of ideal. (Check out Ben’s Germany TED Talk on youtube.) Right now, you may not even know what questions to ask.
By playing around in this state of discomfort, you’ll get a better idea of what you don’t yet know that you need to learn and this will help you get better at asking questions and searching for help.

Arrays are a tough concept to get. It looks easy when you see it done, but it takes a lot of practice to get used to them. As long as you can grasp variables and such, you can grasp arrays. The how and when to use them is something that will take time. For now, work on the basics of what they are and what they look like. Conceptually, they are not complicated, but they are often used to do some pretty impressive techno-wizardry with for loops and indeces that requires thinking in a different way.

So maybe you are right where you should be, but it depends if you are struggling with rhe concepts or completely lost. Are you still struggling with the stuff from last section? Either way, check out the first six “beginning acripting” videos in Unity’s site before going any further. I think everyone should watch half a dozen of those mini-videos before starting a new section.

And don’t be afraid to jump into the Q&A with any specific questions you have.

Good luck!
As a wise man once said, “Onward and upwards!”

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Wow, I really didn’t expect to get an answer as good as that. I’m going to check those tutorials out and ask stuff in discord or Q&A if I get confused.

Thanks mate, you’ve been really helpful!

You’re not alone feeling like this!

I usually found I was pretty bewildered quite often, but when you keep running into concepts again as you keep going you gradually build up an understanding and then in the end something will click. I found it really helpful to revisit things from different angles - read about it somewhere else, watch a different tutorial, and you’re also bound to run into the concept again later in this course - just be patient, basically. And keep enjoying it :slight_smile:

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Good to hear :smiley: Thanks for the tips!

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