Difficult To Follow



Overall I really enjoy your lectures because you get straight to the point, and you don’t waste time with the lectures. However, I have been rewinding the lectures constantly to see which button you pressed on your screen. This has been especially true for this lecture. The fifteen-minute lecture took me over half an hour to complete because of the number of times I had to rewind 15 seconds back to see the button you pressed. It may seem obvious which buttons you are referring to if you are looking right at it, but for us newbies it’s hard to copy what you are doing and follow your teeny tiny white mouse at the same time. I have seen videos where the mouse is surrounded by a yellow circle so that it stands out, and when the teacher presses the mouse, it expands and contracts to let the person watching that they need to press thing on screen. I feel like adding this simple software to the courses would make these great lectures even better. Just some constructive criticism for you guys. Overall, fantastic job with clear and concise lectures. Cheers.