Different way to achieve opening and closing door

Hello All,

I have created some different way to open and close the door without using GetWorld()->GetTimeSeconds() and I don’t know if it’s better or worse approach of doing it. It also adding some kind of ‘animation’ to the doors.

I’m just wandering which one is better approach. I know that lecture what’s to teach us about time in UE but still is it better way for performance?

It is just a question for more experienced people than me because I like to optimize my code the best way I can :slight_smile:


During the course they will use blueprints to achieve the same effect, but with timeline is much more efficient.

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Hello, Tadek,

I did something quite similar, but in my case I used Math::Lerp to interpolate between the angles in order to create the animation effect. It was pretty nice too.

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