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Hi All,

While I am following the lessons in this course, I am also trying to implement the relevant topics towards my own game idea. I am working towards a turned based tactics style rpg game, with a hexagon based coordinate system. I used a lot of what has been learned so far in the course to get to this stage (link below). I made a custom camera movement, and use a camera raycaster to determine where to move the selected character.

I would appreciate it if you would play with the camera controls, and “character” movement to let me know your initial thoughts. What do you like about this simple system so far, what dont you like etc.

Controls: WASDQE to move camera (Q and E zoom in and out, Im working off a laptop trackpad, so I have not set up mouse zoom yet)

To Move a “Character”: All you have to do is first click the desired character, and then click the hex you would like to move to. While “Character” is in motion, you can not select another character, or a different movement location. Since these are not things you would normally be able to do in this type of game anyway.


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Looks like a good start and it’s great that you were able to apply the knowledge learned into a new concept.
Your current functionality worked fine for me.

Things that I would think about in the short term:
Some sort of affordance to indicate which unit I have selected and where it is going would be helpful. If I click in between hexes right now I don’t know for sure where the unit will go. It looks like you have the coordinate system down pretty well though since the unit does move to the hex center every time.

The hexes look blurry to me. I’m guessing this is due to your placeholder material. The black gradient gives off a fuzzy look.

Will the player need to be able to rotate the camera as well as move its position?

There is some good unity specific and general information about creating and using hex grids here:

The author goes through a lot of detail about hex coordinate systems, distance calculations, having different heights and blending colors to create a more interesting map. I haven’t taken it all in but it seemed like something that might be helpful for your game if you haven’t stumbled upon it yet.

I really like tactical turn based games so I’d love to see more updates on your project. Keep it up!

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Hi Greg,

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Ill respond in order of your comments.

  1. I agree completely with the indicator. I think they mentioned on one of the courses that highlighting enemies when the cursor is on top of them would be in a future lesson, so I was kind of waiting for that to come up before adding it into mine.
  2. Im not sure if I have the coordinate system down yet or not. I THINK I do but I havent actually used it yet. What you are seeing with the unit going to the center every time is my little work around, where each Hex is a different game object, and I am simply going to the clicked game objects center.
  3. Yes the hexes are only placeholder materials for the moment. It took me a little while player with materials to find one that I could even tell (roughly) where the hexes met eachother, which is why it looks a bit funny. Ill probably change that up to atleast a plain color once I get to the point of highlighting the selected object.
  4. I am not sure if rotation will be necessary or not yet, It will probably depend on which direct I end up going with art work and level design. In the end I think it would be easy to add if users request it later down the road.

Thanks for the link to the tutorial. That is one of the ones I have found and gone through some of the earlier lessons. I found that specific one a bit harder to follow with the way it is all explained and laid out. Definitely very detailed though! For your reference (and anyone else that cares) I also found this one, which was a bit easier for me to follow.

I will try to keep updating this side project as I can and uploading examples to this course if/as its relevant!

Thank you again for the feedback, its much appreciated!

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