Different Pivot Point from tutorial?

When I drag a “full brick” from my sprites into the scene, the pivot point is located at the bottom left of the brick.

When Ben imports a “full brick” the same way in the tutorial, the pivot point is located in the center of the brick.

Both of our tool handle settings are set to “Pivot” and “Local”.

A. Why is mine different?
B. What is the best way to change it (preferably without making empty or children game objects as other Unity forums recommend)?

block pivot


System: Windows 10
Unity 4.7.2


Try selecting your sprite and then opening the Sprite Editor;


See if your Pivot setting is currently set to Bottom Left, if it is, change it to Center.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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It took me a bit to find the Sprite Editor, so for anyone who had my trouble: I found it as a button under the Inspector when selecting the sprite in my Sprites folder.
sprite editor location

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Sorry about that, I should have included a note or screenshot of where to find it.

Glad you have it sorted now anyway :slight_smile:

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