Different approach to laser defender - Try it!


I posted this on udemy like two weeks ago, but, since yesterday I added xbox 360 controller compatibility and this forum is new, I thought on resharing it.


This is my approach to laser defender. As a programming exercise, it is short, but very replayable.
New features with respect to the tutorial include:

  • Movement in all directions

  • Only one level, but 3 phases.

  • “Complex” AI (by the end of the level)

  • Different enemies

  • Two different velocities for the ship (for extra precision)

  • Extra lives for score points and extra score points for lives remaining

  • Some cool level design in the second phase

  • NES type music composed by me (all but the third phase)

  • Rank system depending on the score, to add replay value (aka saltiness) (D until S ranks)

  • Can “navigate” menus with keyboard (otherwise it is a pain in the ass)

I know I should upload this for WebGL, but last time I noticed some
collision inconsistencies after updating the game to unity 5, so
whatever.Let me know what you think and especially what score did you hit, I’m having trouble myself getting an A.


Is there any way to make WebGL apps run in chrome?


Good job on your game. I like the different phases and was surprised the first time it changed. Only achieved A rank though will need to try for S now.


The thing is that this is not WebGL, that’s why it does not work in chrome.


Can the webplayer be made to work in chrome?

IE Tab, use for Web Player


Nice work, plays really well. It’s cool how it gradually gets harder.

Couple of questions:

  • how did you go about moving the meteors? Did you make each one move individually or did you create a parent gameobject and make that move?
  • I like the effect you get when you hit an enemy and it flashes red. Is this done by changing a sprite on hit or changing the colour value of the spirte?



I created a parent gameobject, of course. Same applies to the ships in the meteor formation. The damage effect is achieved by changing the sprite color on hit and invoking those changes a few times after that hit. It goes red, white, red, white, red, white. The tonality of red also depends on the health of the enemy, this is only noticeable on the boss.