Difference in Material Viewport, Render viewport and actual rendered

Color and texture in Material view Port is different in render View port like metal texture and loin cloth.
Material View Port :point_down:

Loin Clothe Material viewport

Render View Port :point_down:

loin cloth in Render Viewport

The first one Material Preview displays things close to how they will appear if you use the Eevee Render engine. The second one Render Preview displays things close to how they will appear when rendered based on your Render Settings. If you are rendering in Cycles you will need to finalize the material and/or lighting settings using the Render Preview rather than Material Priview.

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Even if rendering in Eevee, it’s coming in dark shade only.

something definitely looks a bit weird about that render. First I’d recommend double-checking your face, just to be sure they’re pointing in the right direction. Assuming they are, take a stroll through your material setup to make sure you don’t have something connected to a weird socket.

Other ideas:

  • Move the light down by the orc’s feet to get a different angle.
  • Tweak the bump/normal map settings (now that I think about it, this looks similar to some of the weirdness I’ve seen when trying to bake a normal map for a house I made a while back)
  • Rotate the camera view a bit more so you can get a look at the edge of the loincloth. Depending on where the light is that could reveal areas of Z-fighting or something similar.
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Face Orientation is fine. i baked Normal Map & Cavity Map using Cage option as without cage option maps were coming so weird.

Have you tired the other suggestions like moving the light.
Its also suggested to use emission shader if you have issues


At this point it might be needed to remake the loin cloth and see if you can track the issue that way.
If it reoccurs then we know if something in the bake settings or somewhere else other than the model

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