Difference between our setup and Epic's Controller Yaw/Pitch Input?

I followed some tutorials from Epic’s Youtube channel on setting up a third person camera and fiddled around with their Third Person Template. Their template doesn’t require a gimbal and the only difference I have noticed so far is that with their method, the pitch input needs to be inverted. Here’s the blueprint setup for their method: link.

Are there any advantages/disadvantages to either methods?

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I just came here to make this same post. I set the spring arm to “Use Pawn Control Rotation” and just simply feed the axis input for azimuth and aim directly into “Add Controller Yaw Input” and “Add Controller Pitch Input”.

I am wondering why we had to introduce gimbal lock ourselves…


i am getting a gimbal lock when looking 90° from the side at my tank using the method from this tutorial, lecture 108.

What does that mean ?
Well, in start position the camera works all fine, azimuth and elevation.
If i now turn via azimuth directly to one side of the tank using no elevation at all, i then can not elevate thne camera anymore, the camera just rolls a litte bit left and right, like a plane when you play around with the ailerons.

The link from TigerC12, well the video #12 you need to look at is the one before actually, helps to fix this, thanks a lot mate.

In my honest opinion i think Ben wanted to introduce the course to gimbals in general, but this does not work here with the camera.

I am looking forward to a solution for the springarm/cam combo just based on gimbals, since i hate the gimbal lock in an eternal way as a long term 3D model and animation developer in Ogre3d before.

Hoping that Ben is reading this and finding a general solution for us based on gimbals for animating stuff corrrectly on sockets in the future.

Regards, keep digging and see you on the other side…

Link to Youtube video: https://youtu.be/WPmWPvGkrgQ

Just try, what i do at the end of the video with your version…you will see what i mean.