Didn't understand why we need to create a BP from the BuildingEscapeGameModeBase



I understand that the Blueprint is like a template, and that the BuildingEscapeGameModeBase is created with the project at the very beginning.

Isn’t it possible to add the new DefaultPawn_BP to the existing BuildingEscapeGameModeBase without creating a BP? Is that somehow hardcoding (presented at the beginning of the video)?

Why do we need a “template” for the GameMode if there’s only one of it in the game?


You could do it in C++ but it’s a bit more involved if you want to set the default pawn to a blueprint class. You would have to have a string reference the blueprint’s location. Then if you ever want to change that either to a different blueprint class or by moving the blueprint’s file location you would have to update that string reference and recompile.

#include "BuildingEscapeGameMode.h"
#include "ConstructorHelpers.h"

	ConstructorHelpers::FClassFinder<APawn> Blueprint = TEXT("/Game/DefaultPawn_BP");
	if (Blueprint.Class)
		DefaultPawnClass = Blueprint.Class;
		UE_LOG(LogTemp, Error, TEXT("Couldn't find default pawn blueprint asset!"))

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