Did the Ogre character changed in the new course version?

At the current state of writing, version 2.0 of the course Blender Character Creator for Video Games is available and the previous one has been removed from my courses list. What changes in the new version? Is there new/different content?

I found online snippets of videos modeling the beefy ogre shown in the course preview, so I was wondering if it was removed content and if there was a way to access it.

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The previous version did not look like the current one at all. No Orc etc. If you get the current version you can access the old version as well, details in the last or maybe one from the last, lecture.

Yeah but you can see in the Udemy course preview that there are some snippets in which this ogre is modelled:

So I was just wondering, has this content been removed or was just used for the promotional video? I would really like to model this beefy ogre :smiley:

Interesting I have never seen that. I can only assume Grant experimented with both but made the course based on the other one.

Grant does suggest you can gather your own reference sheets, so no one is bound to the one Grant goes through the process with. Just follow the lectures but use the other Ogre as your reference. It is a process, not a β€˜kit’ that only makes one thing.

It would be good to see someone make the Ogre instead!

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