Did Rick miss something?

I’ve completed this course a while ago and revisiting and brushing-up, as I’ve been contracted to do a Unity project… so, I am cramming. I’m not actually re-doing the exercises, just re-watching the whole thing to get re-acquainted.

While prefabbing and reconstructing the levels, I think a prefab was omitted (not just the Event System prefab) while constructing Level 2. The Scene Level Manager prefab. I know that there is no code yet to determine if all blocks have been broken to proceed to next level, but I felt that void at the end of this video that not everything had been re-wired. I’m sure Rick will clean it up soon enough (the scene also hadn’t been added to the build settings–the hidden Level 1 button should now jump to the Quit scene).

Hi Dondi,

Are you in the lecture named “WaveConfig For Path & Speed”? If so, there are more lectures in this section, and it is very likely that your issue gets fixed in one of them.

If you are not sure if it will get fixed, you could download the final project from Ben’s and Rick’s GitHub repo, import it into Unity and test it there.

Hi Nina,

No, I was in the Block Breaker Section, Lecture 59 (Make A Second Level) and hit the GameDev thingy, which brought me to here: https://community.gamedev.tv/tags/16_br_cud, which is where I posted this. Looks like Rick caught his errors several videos down the line, re-wiring the prefabs in other scenes that were throwing errors.

Good to see you are still here.

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