Development Level

I was wondering if anyone else does this when creating their own projects.
I have a seperate level (I am using the firstpersonexamplemap in Shadow Stalkers) as a development level.
Smaller area and just stuff everywhere for the purpose of testing.
I call it chaos contained :smiley:

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Yep ive got the same in a couple, I add a separate scene thats not included in the build :slight_smile:
sometimes got a few for testing individual aspects, say physics, camera tracking etc.

I find it alot easier and safer to screw up a test scene that possibly mess around with a scene ive put alot of time into. then once things are playing nice, I prefab them and then take into main working scene.

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Yeah. I use a similar type of “sandbox” where I fine-tune functionality to be deployed in game in various ways. A lot of cubes get severely abused during this process. Don’t tell their union. I might get in trouble :smiley:


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