Developer Diary; Share your recent highs and lows!

In the the spirit of community and positive thinking, share any little success you achieved yesterday.

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Working on extending Block Breaker . . .

Score System
Implemented my score system, after learning about regular expressions recently. I even had to make a flow chart to work out my logic!

On-screen debug
Learned about OnGUI(). Deleted a couple of pages of code and deleted 20+ UI text labels with one streamline dynamic smaller code block with 0 UI text labels.

High Score System
Leared how to keep a score between levels using ‘Statics’ … as Ben mentioned in his Block Breaker lesson. Also got the High Score to be permanently saved using User Preferences.

Created an Options menu
Learned about checkboxes and other stuff.

Spent quite a long time trying to work out how to use DontDestroyOnLoad but without sucess. Ended up using statics instead. A battle to be resumed at a later date and hopefully covered by one of Bens lessons!

Embarrasing Fail
Wasted half hour in my score system until I realised that 50 * 0 does not equal 50!

I seem to have got a lot done yesterday and feel like I am about 3/4 through getting the bones of my game done. After that, it will be just adding game features. I didn’t want to move onto Bens next lesson, and game, until I felt like I cemented everything from Block Breaker.

I didn’t crawl into bed until 4.30am and was up again at 8am. As Oasis said,‘You gotta roll with it’, when its going well. There are a lot of tough days at the moment that for sure :wink:


Well, im pretty chuffed, I was a bit sneaky and broke my own timings as I started working on one of my personal projects the night before I was meant to … shh

But, it was an issue that was grating me, hate that when something just rattles around the brain and refuses to let go.

tryin to figure out how to create a bubble shooter game for my kids, and one of the problems I had was with the collision detection and once a bubble had collided, get it to stop and then snap to the closest grid marker point. Took a few hours to wrap my grey matter around it, but got it working :slight_smile:

(excuse the prototype art, best I can do in 20 mins in Gimp)


Looking good OboShape

Thank for sharing. I read on your other post what you were doing. Nice to see it on screen as I can just about work out what your doing. All good stuff for a beginner like myself :wink:


My intention had been to work on my game prototype this week, getting some scaling sorted, sadly this hasn’t yet happened, and I have managed to lose half a day today through sleep! Gah!

Doesn’t feel like it has been a productive week, not game development wise anyway.

Loving the above though, especially your;

Wasted half hour in my score system until I realised that 50 * 0 does not equal 50!

Chuckle, I’m sure everyone has had one of those! :slight_smile:


hmmmmm let’s see.

Real Life:

Clean bill of health from the cardiologist at my 60 day followup.

Taken off 2 blood pressure meds

Did my 2nd job on a lovely day outside, a bit cloudy but the weather was nice.

Had some awesome porkchops I grilled!

Game Dev:

Game document for Destroyer! coming along.

Started doing the Blender Course and some of it actually stuck!

Watched a tutorial on procedural generation of dungeons in Unity [didn’t stick]

Watched some tutorials on tilemaps to see if they can work for my game idea and I still have less then no clue.


Recorded some game play of an alpha World War 2 squad game with the devs and one of my youtube partners. Had a ton of fun with that and gave me some thoughts for several of my own ideas.


Well my success story from yesterday was more about initiative than accomplishment… I jumped back on the horse after a two or three week break and hammered through two (long) videos on the Unity course. I took Ben’s advice about watching the whole video first and then going back and working through it, and it helped a lot! I’m working on BowlMaster right now, and just did the pin detector yesterday.

Today’s challenge will be to push through another couple of BowlMaster videos when I get home from work. Hoping to tackle ball resetting and whatever comes after that. One step at a time, though!


Nice question, we…

  • Suffered and then discovered a bug in Unreal to do with “Auto Weld”
  • Created a work-around
  • Downloaded a new version that just shipped
  • Noticed the new version fixed the bug
  • Swore

Had some awesome porkchops I grilled!

. . . is enough to balance out the dross. Gotta love a chop !

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Well i’ve made some headway but its been hard going. I’ve created 10 levels, mainly for testing purposes, but they look okay. I have my options menu working which I am happy with but geeez it’s been relentless BUG++ for the last 8 hours trying to keep the scores in check. :persevere: I think I’ll get to bed (2.30am) and try again with a fresh head in a few hours. :sleeping:

P.S. I tried to show my wife what I have been learning / working on for the last week. A ball flying at bricks really doesn’t do justice to the amount of learning that’s gone into the extras! :sweat_smile:


I never thought that trying to create an aim line for a bubble shooter game would cause me so much headaches…

But, ive managed to get it to deflect multiple times, given a max length of the aim line selectable in inspector.

Once ive got it all tidied up and a decent animated texture showing a nice line, I was going to post it up on my Git account so that anyone can have a laugh at my coding :slight_smile: and reuse if they wanted it.


@OboShape Great to see your sticking at it :wink: I would love to have a look at your code if you wouldn’t mind. Hopefully with a bit of unity project attached just to see in practice what its doing.

Well I have still been struggling trying to keep all my game/debug options & statics and Player Preferences working and updated correctly. I think I just burned my head out a bit as I also decided to split my code into more focused jobs trying to follow the one task, one script principle. I always had in my head when I’m doing stuff like that that I want the code to be reusable but I think I went down the rabbit hole a bit too far for this early on in the course.

With that in mind I decided to take a break from coding and do some of the graphics.:pencil2: A few sessions on my ipad (with a wacom pen) got me my new ‘paddle’ and ‘ball’. Not polished but usable to test with.

Today I have been working on the ‘bricks’.

I have an overall theme and design but I don’t want to say what it is until I show you ver 0.001 of my little game :slight_smile:

I have decided that Wednesday night will be my cut off point and I will start Ben’s Unity course again and look at Laser Defender. I’ll do that 3 days a week and finish my Block Breaker in-between. I seem to be doing soooo much off-piste learning that it’s getting a little silly :confounded:

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