Details panel blank for projectile's root "CollisionMesh" node

Does anybody have any idea why the Details panel for “CollisionMesh”, “LaunchBlast” and “ProjectileMovement” would all be blank in Blueprint editor for Projectile_BP? I’ve recompiled the code and restarted the editor but still no luck. The game still runs and there are no errors or warnings in the console. I’ve set the CollisionMesh and LaunchBlast members in the private section of the AProjectile class. I’m using engine version 4.16.3. The Projectile_BP details panel shows up, just the other components do not.

It must be something stupid I missed… Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

If anybody gets this problem, right click on the blueprint in the content browser, go to “Asset Actions -> Reload”. Really surprised this doesn’t come up as a solution anywhere, or even a suggestion. I had to figure this one out on my own.


Sadly, this hasn’t solved the problem for me, although I’m using UE 4.17.2, this engine is just as quirky as the game I used to mod :rofl:

EDIT: Found the fix, as posted by @monkn in THIS thread, via the UE4 forums link, commenting the CreateDefaultSubobject line/s, compile the project, uncomment the lines and then re-compile again solved it completely.

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Quirky eh? Sounds like you were a Source Engine modder. Or maybe you’re experienced with the Crytek tools? Lol

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