Details and shading

I really like to use a drawing marker. Setting a line is definitive.
I used a cloud motive. And a rainbow to connect things. But it became very busy because of pencil thickness. In this case, I miss a digital version. Drawing in layers, changing the opacity.

And a rainbow is colourful, difficult to do that in black and white. I could do a shading but I’ve chosen to draw less thick lines. To be honest, in this stage I would switch over to InkScape to draw controlled lines. But then it would look mechnical.

Also, most of the time, I had the need to draw in perspective.


Note to myself. Many years ago I had a set of Rotring pens; 0.18, 0.25, 0.35, 0.5 mm I loved them.
Maybe that why I like black and white …

I’m also a big, really big fan of Kim Jung Gi.
He never ever draws from sketches. He does it from his memory just on a 6 meter wall.
Interested? Lookup some online video’s from him. Amazing

Have fun


Love your drawing! I especially like the variation in line thickness and your lines look very confident and flowy. Also the shading with simple hatching works well for me. I also saw that you have less details on the castle that is further away which works great to show that it’s in the distance and also prevents it from getting too much attention from the viewer.


Thank you, for noticing it.
But it was hard to do and to keep it consistent.
On paper, there is no undo. And with an ink pen, every line is final.

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I decided to do an update of this challenge. Using only a pencil and an eraser. The reason, clouds must be partly fluffy … But then the struggle for highlights and the basic paperwhite.
Clouds partly grey, houses … partly grey. Ambient occlusion, shadows … I run out of shades of grey … Normally you would use colours to make objects district.

I used an ‘A3’ paper format, 135g/m2. Just to draw sharper id needed. Also, the eraser works better then.
HB pencil, sometimes it felt too hard or too soft. Also, most of the time I forget to sharpen the pencil. Creating thick lines where thin lines where needed.

Also, my hand started to smudge areas. Funny moments too, when my brain shouted; “Undo, where is the undo button.”

But here it is, version 2. It’s a bad photo image, I can not scan A3 paper.


very nice. As for the hand smudging use a piece of different paper under your hand :slight_smile:

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