Destroying Projectile Trails on hit impact

Just finished doing the sound effect section for projectiles, and for whatever reason my projectile prefab variants just weren’t producing the sound on launch and hit events. So I deleted them, created another variant from my root projectile and got the sound working… but now I have this small issue where my arrow projectiles have a slight delay before getting destroyed leaving a small trail / remnant after impact.
I don’t seem to have an issue like this with my fireball prefab after adding sound.

Now, I remember having this issue when we initially did projectiles, but I dont recall if this was something Rick found, and cannot for the life of me recall how we solved this OR this was something happening only on my end. Setting “Life After Impact” to 0 doesn’t seem to solve anything as well.

@Marc_Carlyon, can you help this student?

Could this be where the impact point is set on the prefab, seems to me the point of impact is at the center of the prefab and not the tip like we did with the arrows.

Thanks @Nina i have a feeling though this might have been solved in the Q&A and i missed it here

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