Destroying Actors on Overlap

When checking if overlapping actor is equal to my Player Pawn, why does it not work when I just select my pawn from the SelectAsset dropdown? I don’t understand the difference between plugging it in or selecting from the dropdown.
Thanks, and loving the course btw, the pace and style is absolutely perfect for me.

That is checking if a pointer to an instance of an actor is equal to another pointer to an instance of an actor.

I don’t support this specific course nor have I done it so I’m lacking some context but if I think what you’re trying to do is compare it to a class e.g. a blueprint which is not an instance.

e.g. In simple terms it would be like trying to do int == 5 rather than 5 == 5

It is a rule to check whether the overlapped actor is the player pawn which I created called BP_MyPawn.

I think I understand what you mean. If I just select it from the dropdown it’s a reference to the BP_MyPawn in the content browser, not the one instanced/spawned within the game?


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