Design help with boosts

Im generating boosts around the map randomly. In your opinion would it be better (more fun) if I keep the boost on the map until the player picks it up and then generate another one or should I destroy it after every 15-20 seconds irrespective of whether the player picks it up or not?

My argument for why the first is better is that the player will have a certain goal in mind as to which path to choose while picking up the package but at the same time it might be possible that the boost generates at such a location that the player never goes that way and the boosts would be useless for the entirety of the game. Keep in mind that there is a time limit

The second would be better because even if the player gets one bad boost location then after a few seconds its possible that the boost generates very near to them. But its also bad because it might disappear before the player gets it if the player is on their way to getting it. This would feel rather unrewarding

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