Desert Night - Flowchart

Hello everyone. This is my second attempt at this course. The first time I just skipped through this step, did the minimum and moved on. Because I do have some experience in programming and game making in general I was rushing through the course. When I “completed” about 60% of this course I moved on to other things (making 2d game assets). After a few weeks working on graphics and other assets I realized that I don’t remember as much as I would like from these lectures. Stuff like scriptable objects. Mainly because I rushed through them. Came back and decided to stick with it. And do more than just the minimum. I wanted to make up my own story for this game which turned out to be not as easy as I thought it would be the first time. It took a few tries and different approaches. But I have managed to create a story that I actually like and it has enough states to be more than just the minimum for now.

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