Demo - Project Velen


Hi there!

I have been going on with the course for 2 months ( I mostly worked on combat mechanics) so I just wanted to share my demo with you.

I would love to get your feedback. Tell me how can I improve story, combat and other things. My main problems are with performance and setting the game
for different resolutions ( it is good for 1920x1080). I have thought about dividing the game to multiple levels for better performance.

Abilities have cooldown and use energy.
Abilities : Running, dodge, roll, kick, heal, attack speed and damage buffs, blocking.
Sword sheath/unsheath
Gold pick up

Update: Fixed the bug falling from world, added new enemy types, new post-processing effects, footstep sound, main menu UI mostly changed.

Download the Demo :



Definately could use a bit of work and polish, but overall pretty cool so far. I was cutting my way thru the docks??? Idk, but I fell thru the ground or something.


Thanks for pointing it out. I am trying to fix those bugs and release a new version in a week.