Delivery Game: Bring Out Your Dead

My idea for the delivery game is based on a scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, specifically, the scene with the plague cart.

What’s the game about?

The game is about collecting plague ridden bodies from various points around the board and delivering them to the fire to be destroyed.

What do I do?

You have a plague cart that can travel at ten spaces per turn, but that is reduced by one for every body you pick up. Every body you deliver to the pyre gets you a gold coin which can be used to update your cart, but be careful, if you have a body on your cart for too long you may get sick and have to visit the plague doctor yourself. Getting sick wastes gold you could be spending on upgrades for you cart which make it move faster or carry more bodies.

How do I win?

The first person to have a fully upgraded cart wins, because now you have a nice cart, you can deliver something other than the dead.

The UI looks like this:

The point of the game is to upgrade your cart so you can quit the awful job of clearing out dead bodies from a plague ridden town. You start with a set patrol (on the back of your UI card) and every turn you turn over a location card which tells you where the next pick up is, which whomever is closest can pick it up. You have to get the body as quick as you can to the ‘funeral pyre’ otherwise you start to fill your plague counter.

Each body delivered to the pyre gives you gold, which can be spent on cart upgrades which leads you closer to the objective of having a nicer cart.

Plague can be caught by the driver with bodies on the cart so getting rid of them ASAP is important, but delivering more bodies increases your gold, so the balance between dumping the bodies and getting more gold is important. Every body slows down the cart Which means your potential for plague is dangerous, but there is a plague doctor on the board which can heal you, but his services cost money.

Once you fill all the cart upgrades, you’ve won!

I haven’t yet created the board, or the little carts… hopefully soon.

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