Delivery Driver (Playable Demo)


Hi there!

I went slightly beyond the course scope, experimented with some other features, and also wanted to learn how to publish games on

Researching and finding solutions is part of any software development. So, no time like the present, though I might have gotten a tad sidetracked.

Course Scope

  • Importing assets
  • Setting up sprites (pixels per unit)
  • Building the 2D level
  • Setting up the basic camera
  • Car movement
  • Collisions/Trigger
  • Package delivery…


  • Car turbo boost (shift key) with overheat cooldown.
  • Multiple customers and customer-specific packages.
  • Display customer name i.e. fade in/out text over sprite when driver nearby via triggers.
  • Task objective UI.
  • Sounds
  • Export game for web & playable demo…


I’m using grass texture in addition to the background color on camera, I had trouble getting sprite to tile, but it’s probably better to use sprite shape for stuff like that. I molded the neighborhood into a self-contained and organized town.

Task Objectives

By default, it’ll show available packages to deliver. Though I don’t fully “get” why something behaves the way it does, I got familiar with working with UI and feel better prepared to learn about UI that’s coming up much later in the course.

When a package is collected, it’ll show the active task objective. :slightly_smiling_face:

Packages & Customers


When the package is collected, it plays a micro animation and sounds and indicates the driver has the package by showing the package in the back seat. I don’t quite “get” working with IEnumerator yet, but I was able to repurpose the code snippets I found in StackOverflow to use for my needs.

The customer’s name fades in and out via triggers when the driver is near them.

Turbo & Overheat

This probably took the longest to implement. Unlike a booster and bump, the driver can speed up via SHIFT Key. It tracks how long the car has been in turbo. When the car has overheated, you can no longer turbo until it cools down, and it is indicated by graphic and car blinks between normal color and slightly warmer hue.

There are different sounds for normal speed and turbo speed, and there is an easing between the two. :nerd_face:

Playable Demo

I know I’ll probably get only 3-5 views here, but I did it for myself. I really wanted to get over the publishing block as I am not a content creator and never put stuff out there. This is unlisted and does not come up in searches, but I got to figure out the challenges when releasing games for WebGL in

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Nostalogic Theme !!!
Here is Mine!!!

Nice start. Keep going. Thanks for sharing.

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